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As the one contemplating divorce, picture yourself still married in five years. What new information do you get as a result about whether or not to stay? If you are staying in an unhealthy marriage for the kids, take some steps to separate temporarily and see what happens.These last three questions are designed to have you step out of the indecision into a decision one way or the other.When people are stuck in the confusion, it has a snarling effect and it becomes increasingly difficult to get clear on what to do.It's important to get a reprieve from this place in order to uncover what the next right thing is.

Pushing religious tracts door to door is a small price to pay for getting rid of the yearly holiday stress.There are a billion factors (OK, perhaps a slight exaggeration) that distinguish these families such as culture(s), ages of children, socio-economic status, degree of tension in the home, and on and on.There are some interesting and surprising studies out that show even small amounts of parental conflict can cause problems for their children.The next day I went home without my mom knowing this had happened. But Mom wasn't happy, Dad wasn't supportive, Dad is introverted and frankly kind of sucks at marriage, Mom wanted more.Mom told herself that we were "resilient" and we'd be "better off" with a happy mother and all the lies that parents tell themselves so that they can live with their choices when they know, deep down, that they're destroying the foundation of their kids' lives.

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