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Not official military purchased knives they are really cool variations to those collecting such.We picked up all three for our collection and an extra or two for trades at some future date.We also know that Camillus, Case and Kinfolks made the same pattern knife and sold them to the government for the AAF so why not Marbles?Either way it is an interesting subject that we wish to know more about.

Each bag also has an acknowledgement card that the gift is made possible through the generosity of the American people.

If you have any proof on the subject, such as a written document, not an oral history, we would be mighty glad to hear from you!

Here is a photo copy of a stamped turned up in the Queen factory. We do not know if it was ever used but we doubt it.

We have no idea but speculated it was due to packaging. The boxes were addressed to the Bush Terminal, Brooklyn, NY.

It seems they were sitting on the docks when the war ended so they never made it overseas.

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If anyone has further information please let us know.