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Dating isreali coins

When you read these lines, the catalog is still being built, and several pages are not ready yet for publication on the web.

But we are working hard, and more pages are added as they are ready.

Mazar said the coins are in such good condition because they apparently were used only briefly and then sheltered in the case.

Welcome to SHEQEL - The Online Catalog of Israel Numismatics 1927 - present.

Mazar told the publication a significant difference is evident between the bronze coins minted in the first and final years of the Jewish revolt against Rome.

“At first, when the rebels had hope and faith in their success, the inscription on the coins in ancient Hebrew script was: ‘The freedom of Zion.’ In contrast, during the fourth uprising and before the destruction, the rebels conveyed their despair by inscribing on the coins the inscription ‘Le Gallat Tzion,’ or ‘to save Zion,'” the report said.

Relics inscribed with the Jewish symbol dating to the Umayyad dynasty during the seventh-eighth centuries were found at various archeological sites in Israel and are now being exhibited to the public.

We are pleased and proud to present to all collectors of Israel numismatics worldwide the only English-language comprehensive Israel numismatic catalog in the world.Even though the use of the paleo-Hebrew script steadily declined as from the 6th century BC onwards - in favor of Aramaic - until its complete demise around 135 AD, the coins of the Hasmonean period (140-37 BC), the First Judeo-Roman War (66-70 AD), and the coins of the Bar Kochba revolt (132-135 AD), continued to be inscribed with legend in paleo-Hebrew.The Roaring Lion motif on the 5 Lirot banknote (1958) and 5 Lirot trade coin (1978) dates from the 8th century BC.The "Four Year" coin model, together with the inscription "To save Zion" is the current inscription on the NIS 10 coins of the State of Israel. Mazar said, because they were used only briefly and sheltered by the cave in which they were discovered.Another unusual phenomenon in regards to this discovery is that such a large cave, which was partly visible, remained isolated after the destruction of the Second Temple, and for thousands of years it was virtually untouched.

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