Mature erotc chat

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Mature erotc chat

So as I read a story just posted of a wife who crossed the line, I finally got the courage to post my story, I guess because it is kind of the same.So I met my husband in college, I was a freshman he was starting his master's degree.I can still have an orgasm as my clit is fine, I just have a very rare condition that causes my vagina to grow closed except for the first inch. My wife had contacted a guy on AFF ( D reg) a while ago, but as per the usual, things stayed in the realm of fantasy and nothing happened.Yesterday, he started sending her text messages begging to come over.

A couple days after I had left I got a call from Pam and she asked if I would meet her to have a quick talk. She told me her and her husband had split up as she caught him cheating, bo..

Our sex life, even after all this time, is still great!

My husband knows exactly what buttons to push to get me where I need to go, and he never fails to make me orgasm. During Doreen’s two week notice time period as I said I had turned my notice in also.

I used it every chance I got and started having Rick my best friend going with me a lot after we got off work.

Well this got old with her pretty quick and started a few arguments. So one Friday night she told me that she knew I enjoyed go..

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The wife had gone to visit family out of state for a week and I was not expecting visitors.

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