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This position would require travel between several offices, and the person in the position would get to define their responsibilities in large part — it’s a big organization but a new department — so the management would be a very important part of this position. It’s very reasonable to want to meet the person who you’d be reporting to, since they’ll have a major impact on what your experience in the job is like.

We are always open to interviewing and hiring new candidates with a view towards building our office and we believe simply in hiring the best people, whether it’s one or five.

I also didn’t want to burn bridges at my organization or have my boss think I was any less committed to my job before I went on leave.

But now things seem to be escalating: my boss announced plans to hire an interim replacement for my position, and I am being urged to more concretely lay out my work plan for the next few months and when I return. It’s very normal for plans around this stuff to change.

Do you have any advice on how to manage job postings for a position that doesn’t close? I’m also wondering where people post positions in general to get the best candidates.

We’ve mostly used Indeed and targeted universities, but I’m wondering if there are better options I’m simply not aware of to find quality candidates. But your ad could also say something like, “We’re always open to hiring good people when we can find them, whether it’s one or five.” As for how often to re-post, it depends on how easy or hard it is for you to find great people (if it’s hard, you’d presumably want to always have your ads active, which would mean re-posting roughly monthly).

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If you told him you’d give him a positive reference, I think you probably need to contact and explain that you can’t (and explain why — he needs to get a reality check in that regard, it sounds like).

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